Positive Psychology

by uhbeautifuldisaster

The study of psychology used to solidify the idea that I had a genetic, predetermined mental neurosis, that my brain functioned abnormally, UNTIL I found a book I had from my library assistant days: Tal Ben Shahar’s “Happier.” It came in a bright yellow cover with red texts. I can’t believe I had this book on me for a year and hadn’t read this doctor’s new theories. Sometimes we find things at the time we need them the most. Before I read the novel, I listened to 8 hrs of this Harvard course I posted here. Wonderful, groundbreaking work.
This new year I wanted to start off acknowledging the best things of last year that made a huge impact on me. The real work is applying what he has to say in your normal life to make a radical change to break the depression, anorexia, drug abuse, alcoholism, or just unhappiness – whatever name your disease.
I feel like it’s my responsibility to share this. Tomorrow, I will share a poem that reveals something good about you.