Light up, light up

by uhbeautifuldisaster

Sketching is a lot easier.

It can take me several hours, but as long as I have a tool to correct my mistakes like an eraser, I know my portrait will be worth finishing.

There’s a yearning to fill a canvas with paint. It’s relaxing, you have to be, in order to make gossamer brush strokes. For a welcome home present last November, Eduardo got me a chestful of acrylic paints, different size brushes, charcoal, paint trays, and caligraphy notes. There was no paper or canvas to work with. “A lady left her house to go to Idaho. She said we could have whatever was in the house. So I brought you this and these.” That’s where my prized nail kit came from, accompanied by polish. His choice in colours surprised me, he knew exactly what to get, like he knew what candy I liked even when I don’t know. A deep chocolate, teal, dorothy heels red, a top and bottom coat, and metallic jeans.

Like anything new, I knew I had to engulf yself into this new craft. There’s a word that just popped into my head…..neo-phyte.


So I looked it up my favorite web site and learned that it derives from a greek term that means “planted.” The impulse to paint needs to be cultivated!

Like the ignorance you bestow on someone you love, when your heart’s ignored,

your heart will always wonder how that affair would’ve gone.