Narrative Craft Monday (continued)

by uhbeautifuldisaster


So….NO ONE did the exercize I posted in my Narrative Craft post. Even though it’s fun, useful, enlightening, it helps your body carry important nutrients throughout your body, but you didn’t listen to me.

Meh. I posted my excerpt for others to enjoy.


A mini funsized passage for my readers. VICTORY ACHIEVED.



The sun glitters with warmth, it shines a light on the wooden shops and craft stores. With the last of my change, I bought a nude dress at the hippie store for a quarter. I floated across the street with its piles of gold and bronze leaves to the bar.
Interesting people stood on the deck smoking joints and cigarettes, my eyes reached out from my framed face like a lense, trying to capture everything.
Miss and I walked inside together. To stay warm she wore a Kermit the frog hat that covered her ears. Misse went to buy herself a latte with chai and surprised me, she bought me a hot cocoa in a gorgeous burgandy bowl. Drink me. We consumed deep gulps to soothe the ache in our muscles and waited for something enormous to walk in the room and burst into flames.