by uhbeautifuldisaster

I did my butt workouts. They felt energizing. There’s some questions I have that need to be answered tonight. I’ll have to wait until all the lights are out. Covert mode.

None of your business what I’ll be up to. Let’s just say, I’ll be wearing the fur of the animal I am most afraid of. I was outside looking up at the sky full of white clouds, and I tried to look at the broad picture, and see everything as a whole. I did the most glute push ups this evening than I have. I have a lifeline (instead of deadline) to have a sculpt body by the end of this month, along with employment.

I’m determined to get hired. I can sell shit, take orders, greet customers, handle money, and fix the internet. I need something temporary, for a couple of months to Level Up, before I head into my potential career.


Trying to explore all my options. Jeez, I should’ve figured this out by now?! But I was blown off course, torn apart. Once the darkness lifts, a warm flow fills my body and I’m out expressing my mind in other ways I thought I couldn’t, but you realize, it IS A WASTE to not use your mind, to not live your heart’s secret pleasures, and there’s a light underneath my skin penetrating through my pores, I raise my arm up slowly and tip my head back and dance.