Don’t Let The Days Pass You By

by uhbeautifuldisaster

DIY Wednesday I wanted to work on my chapbook but I got distracted by the menu bar above which lists my favorite online shops…and I ended up spending hours “pinning” clothes.

Self-Improvement Tip # 11 – Create an inspiration board.

I think having an inspiration board means you are letting yourself love the things you do, it’s also a neat way to visualize your ideas and even helps bring emotional clarity. A lot of times, we face this irrational thought that we don’t deserve to like certain things – that we have to be something in order to have certain things or something convoluted like that. Just a real nasty way to treat yourself so starting an inspiration board is a nice thing to do for yourself.

I always recommend I have posts from last year it’s still interesting to look at my tastes and also what I did was a little picture journal, where I posted a picture with relevance to that day. Yayy my nails are dry (:

Tumblr is a great site for inspirational quotes or pictures. is free digital look book. You create boards, themes, and pin to these boards. It’s fun. My manager has a board of neat organizational tools, a bunch of fun gizmos, I have a board for my wishlist.

I just watched the first episode and fell madly in love with the nonchalant bounty hunter. The first  scene you catch him sweating, working out some high kicks in his ship. Oh, and I watch episodes with English subtitles.