by uhbeautifuldisaster

i love brittany murphy! she has always been one of my all time girl crush. Adored all her roles, and was in shock when i heard she was gone.



When I was a teenager there weren’t too many actresses that I connected to. One of my earliest memories is relating to Tai from “Clueless” played by Brittany Murphy. She started out the grungy tomboy but eventually morphed into a true 90s girl. In my own life this transformation didn’t exactly happen, but I did love the fact that even through her new found “girlish ways” she still found love with the grunge stoner skater Travis. You can take the girl out of the grunge but you just can’t take the grunge out of the girl. Much like me.

In 2009 when I first found out that Brittany Murphy passed away, I was truly devastated. She was such an incredible actress and through much of my adolescence I followed her film career. From her roles in “Spun”, “The Dead Girl”, and “Girl, Interrupted” her range of personalities I felt always mirrored…

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