Bicycle Race

by uhbeautifuldisaster

It’s been one week since I last spoke to Manager Joe. I’ve declared that I WILL have a job by the end of this month. As I have stated proudly before, I can successfully handle transactions, multitask, guarantee great quality service, and promise to show up 100 % of the time. Manager Joe needs me to ring up gas from the pumps. 


Definitely felt discouraged after our meeting last week. (Read: Redhead Discriminated by Kangaroo.) I toned down my apparel, casual jeans and a magenta polo. The cold weather prompted me to pull over a forest green beanie and my brown leather jacket. It was early in the morning, not even a quarter to 9 where I got dropped off with my bike at the small town’s library. 

I was a virgin to this library, but I remembered how sweet it was to lavish in the world’s wonders. I’d take this time for my personal nourishment before I spoke to Joe at the store down the road.


It sucks we don’t have color copier machine. All copies are 10 cents each in black and white. I spent my time in the history of art section, opening books published on behalf of museums, looking for a paint book on acrylic, tearing coupons out, sorting my Magic cards and just had a ball from one shelf to the next.


Joe was outside sweeping. I was definately nervous. Did he even want to bother with me any more? But I sucked in my gut, kept my chin up, and said hello. “I’m still available for work.” I got right to the point, I had the sudden epiphany that business should be conducted without beating around the bush. This was too important to sling bull, or play pleasantries. Joe nods, sweeping, saying that last week he was busy with sales meetings, but that this week on Thursday, he was going to try to do interviews. I smiled, made sure in my body I felt appreciative that he was honest, I knew a lot had to do with body language, I didn’t want him nervous, so I put my cash in my wallet and saddled on my bike, saying, “Oh! I’m just anxious about the interview you told me about.” Last week, he said he would call me for an interview. I planned to hold him to it. 


I need this job too much for him to give it to someone else. I need 2013 to be everything I want: art projects, trips to museums, purchase my violin, self-publish a book of poetry, yoga, everything I know that I like best and would make me happiest.



I talked to Joe, got that over with, made myself seen, not just heard. As I rode away, I kept thinking, Joe, if only you knew you’d be investing not just in your business, but in my bright future. I knew my heart was also set on going back to school, but my heart was divided among different majors.


I know I’m on the right track. BTW Fitness Tuesday – got my 9 miles clocked in!