Screen-write Apology rated R

by uhbeautifuldisaster

I had an idea today, taking the pieces out of a cell phone and arranging them on a white plaster board. It had something to do with this thoughtful rage considering our connection to everything. There was a white box full of heart-shaped glasses in assorted colors, why they looked like jelly beans. When you approached the board with the entrails of “cellular” parts, you had to pick up the heart-shaped glasses, and look through the hearts framing those parts.

I’ve been really sick lately too,  why I was so sad, I can’t remember. I’m sure it’s because Edwardo has to leave my side every Monday morning and doesn’t come back until Friday night.  Nothing alleviates me more than his therapeutic love. I made myself get up after spilling ink over a yellow notepad, yellow journalism, and get dressed. Find some clothes and choose to be happy right now. I learned that lesson I long time ago (it was in my junior year, I read The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews. It was my first self-help book I read.)

There is no time to waste, so I moped back to my bedroom and sifted through some clothes. All the long sleeved shirts were blue. I desired lace. My beloved vintage Bongo shorts that come up above my belly button. I chose a turquoise top w/ long sleeves & deep neck dive,  over that a lace top that I had to tie behind my neck. My face is the only thing I can’t seem to repair, it looks beaten up, puckered up, red eye sockets even though I slept all last night under a stagnant fan and two bed covers, trying to sweat the sickness out.

I wish I wasn’t so intense. So, my sincere apology, I’m sure I scared a lot of people off. Times are hurting my tender heart, I guess. It’s also her anniversary.