Take a Chill Pill, baby doll

by uhbeautifuldisaster

Let’s leave it at the fact that I’ve been under a lot of pressure and have lost nonredeemable hours of precious sleep. It’s ironic, i feel like I’m fine underneath a shatter-proof infrastructure, but on the outside, i’ve got bags under my eyes and I’ve wrapped my hair from my finger up to my arm. I’m anxious to see a new person every morning when I wake up.


I’m trying to keep my chin up about the employment, but January has turned to February, and February is opening the curtain to introduce the tragic March and April months.  it’s hard when you feel onerous to your charitable family, who is not your blood, but are your kinship, because they love that you have tried so hard over a year and a half to gain your life back and find your place in the world.