Dark Again

by uhbeautifuldisaster

I’ve had a lot on my plate recently, but I believe as long as I hang in there we’re going to end up finding a job soon, and living in a better situation. (Manager Joe never called me for that interview he mentioned.) March may be my last month posting so feverishly, I’m sorry to say that our time is up at Mrs. Zella’s residence. She can’t afford to help us any more. I’m packing up our things to prepare for a move, I’m thinking that we might end up at Edwardo’s cousin’s house. His cousin’s name is Benvolio, who has an interesting collection of gangster films, a few motion pictures I watched on their couch this past weekend. Sin City, Good Fellas, Running Scared. I mentioned he was missing Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet staring leonardo dicaprio and Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

All these movies are a treat.

At Benvolio’s, I designed my first business card. Benvolio was impressed.
new card

Benvolio helped me figure out what service I would render. He mentioned that I was good with kids, like his son Tommy. Tommy was six and had a little difficulty paying attention, but he did have the aptitude for learning. Tommy always asked me what this word was, and I enthusiastically pronounced each magical word, hoping I could paint a picture for him. At Walmart the other day I pinched up my money to buy Tommy LED balloons. The pressure when the balloon expanded made it light up, light up ghostly blue, a neon pink, and a grape color. That was last Friday, we came back with Benvolio and his wife and it was a surprise for trying so hard in school. Of course he wanted to see them light up RIGHT THAT SECOND, and I thought what I wonderful idea a child could have is to not wait, or as that quote states, “to not despise a bubble when it bursts,” ….. so Edwardo and I were in the bathroom and blew up the blue and pink balloons. Then Tommy and I were off to find dark places.

I think it’s especially important to play with kids and show them the art of pretending. Edwardo says I’d make a lovely teacher, but ahem, do you know what teachers make? I need to see myself in a career that I can happily work in, feel satisfied and pleased with my work, something that will make me a lot of money honey.

ASIDE FROM MY LIVING AFFAIRS I’m going to sell some acrylics on wood on the side and visual poetry pieces. I’m also starting a street art project, more on that later, a passionate filmaker is helping me put it together and a talented make up artist and I will meet up for this project. I’m a little nervous, but it’s not just for me but to teach loving awareness. More on that later.

On top of that I have a short story, imagine 50 pages, of a romance. I pitched it to Edwardo on our bed, who stared at the ceiling, both of us exhausted from crying. Love isn’t easy.

I will try to get a job as a car hop, call Joe, and ask for help before it gets Dark Again.