Narrative Monday

by uhbeautifuldisaster



Hello cherubs – two things I want to go over on this post :

1.  Love is like a bird in the hand

2. Creative Writing + Creative Reading

         On my second thought, what I mean is that if you feel like you MUST WRITE, then it’s also important to listen to the part that feels like you MUST READ. Our tastes change, so have an open mind. LAVISH yourself in literature, I read only the first 15 pages of Love in the Time of Cholera and wept, boo-hoo cried, those characters had reminded me to love fiercely  and that was indeed terrifying. That book had the same resonance as the epic movie Legends of the Fall. (if you can’t stand someone who makes noises during movies don’t watch that with me. I’m a mess. The last movie I ever thought that would ruin me like that was Black Swan)  I’ve started not to care any more that I take things to heart. It’s part of my nature; lately I’ve been picking fights with every one in the house.

        Why are you ignoring that voice in your heart that pleads to be let into the world?

         What are you waiting for?

         A bird? A meteoroid? Two women? What are you waiting for?

       “If you want to gain all, you must risk all.

       My last post I jotted down a list of 10 things that were important. This includes short term and long term goals. Give it a try, it’s a lot easier to get somewhere where you know where you want to go.  It’s easier to stay true to yourself.

      Back when we had our own space, my neighbor who attended baptist church and wore a bandanna to protect her hair, one evening said “How can you conquer another city if you can’t conquer the one you’re in?”

     Quickly, back to my first thought about the bird since I have to be off this. That feeling of happiness came to me in a divine moment of gratitude. Love is like a bird in the hand.