Tell Me That You Need Me

by uhbeautifuldisaster

There’s a few side quests I’m currently undertaking for a better way of living.



Try smiling after a family disagreement. (: I discovered it’s harder to harbor a grudge with a smile on your face. This ties in to think happier thoughts. What makes you smile? LAUGH without holding back, and if it’s too hard to smile then take a breather, this too shall pass.


What an epic speech, you end up giving the gentleman a round of applause to the private glow of your computer monitor. You can’t help it!
I asked Edwardo how to best listen, and he explained that you must discipline your mind and pay attention. “Most of the time when you’re discussing something to someone, they are thinking about what they are going to say, or about whatever concern they had, or what they want to do, they didn’t hear anything you just said, couldn’t repeat a word back to you, gosh i hate that.”

I’ve always admired Edwardo’s ability to engage in debates with a strong opinion, and hold on to his belief. It occurred to me that what made him a powerful speaker was the fact that he paid attention to the opposing side’s perspective.

I don’t always stay in the room with the person I’m with. Sometimes I’m in my own little world. I was always told to look at the person in the eyes when you talk to them, but I know it’s much better to keep your chin up horizontal from the floor and look down with your eyes. It keeps me emotionally engaged.

Also, THINK TWICE. Imagine a carpenter with his measuring tape. He measures the distance twice.

Also, i got this tip from psychologist Tal Ben Shahar: listen to music attentively. You know, listen to the drummer, the trumpet, the lyrics, a band is a collection of talents. I have my own little secluded section cut off where I can just drown in music, and i devote one hour at least to the songs I dig the most.

Music is in our soul.

Sharing with you now a song that lifts me up.


I like to take this into a sexual context. I am in a healthy relationship with my high school sweetheart, so spice things up a bit. Confidence in bed is divine.

Also, I noticed that Edwardo praises me every time I paint. While I’m painting, I’m unafraid to introduce the draft to him, even when I’m feeling low and discouraged and like crap, like I don’t amount to anything, and then his love rearranges the universe, with kindness he kills the pessimistic trespasser and with a comforting voice says, “I think your painting is coming along great.”