Under the Microscope

by uhbeautifuldisaster

Thursday was Spa Day, I gathered my nail kit, scissors, hair clip, base coat, top coat, and a book on natural medicine and spent my leisure hours in the garden. It wasn’t sunny. It was a little nippy, the clouds moved in a hurry, and I felt restless. I had been looking forward to Spa Day all week, and now the time comes to give myself a little love and affection, and I didn’t want to sit still under the microscope.

I was alone at the house which is unusual. I didn’t want to be any where else but in my sanctuary. I didn’t want to worry about money, when things were going to get better, I just wanted to take the time to transition into a phase of faith.

I day dreamed about painting the brightest red tomatoes you’d ever seen. Tomatoes that day after day, don’t lose their luster. That yellow that curves around the vegetable like a band of sunlight. I wanted to paint plenty of succulent tomatoes, picked fresh from a home garden cultivated with unconditional love,  laid out on floor by your kitchen leading up to the front door. Even if you picked one every day for your soup, that tomato was magically replaced with another tomato of the same natural taste.

Fashionable Fridays I did my best to feel beautiful. It’s Saturday and I feel fine.

I think I’m heading in the right direction. It’s definitely a lot better than where I’d been. I’m just searching for the morning when I wake up and know without a doubt that I am beautiful and adequate.