I’ll Hold You In A Cold Place

by uhbeautifuldisaster

5 Guiding Principles
overall planning for my happiest/successful future

1. Celebrate a rebirth of poetry, music, and theater.

2. Deliver excellence through my writing and other services.

3. Educate the unlucky ones providing inspiration and offering solutions, encourage seeing the world in my unique perspective.

4. I value persistence and generosity, showing ambition and genuine concern for the quality of life.

5. Surround myself in ubiquitous beauty, however i perceive it.

I know everyone is going to copy this once they see how awesome it is. Instead of paraphrasing what I wrote, I really want to encourage you to make your OWN copy.

The chapter Put Your Career on a Happy Track, has sweet advice.

#96  List 5 of Your Guiding Principles

# 103 Summarize 3 Points of Your Adversary’s Argument

#133 Mentally Affirm Two Ways Life May Become Better

“Your guiding principles are those that reflect your core beliefs and guide not only what you do but why and how you do it.” The company that I dream to work for share some of my beliefs. I’m definitely more confident and prepared to talk to a manager from my dream job, if the opportunity arises.

Sometimes, life looks pretty fucking bleak. If there’s no income coming in, you’re literally a boot away from being homeless, then you’re living on a prayer. Generosity is number 4 on my list because it’s such a blessing when someone offers you some bread, or bus money. It’s also nice that at a time when you feel so isolated, someone took a small peek at your existence and demonstrates mercy. Life will be better when I have a job, so I just got to hang in there.

When you see hippie, you probably imagine Volkswagen bus.  A hippie says in a documentary “You meet the nicest folk when you’re broken down on the road.”

Oh my people, that’s the word.