Until We Bleed

by uhbeautifuldisaster

It’s getting better and better all the time! Every day I improve more than the day before. I love simplicity, I have less, but I have more. My biological mother is working a busy day on her day off – I focused on bringing up only lovely affirming subjects – like the flowers that reminded me of her, or the interview I will get later this week. I heard her smile behind the phone, her confidence inspired me to continuing laying the bricks for our future. (Our past bridge soaked in kerosine by my father, and altogether, our rage lit like a fire. Fires, once started, burn until they’re burnt out.) “I hope you do get the interview,” that was my mother. “Then you can get yourself out of the situation your in, and we can see you with a car and going back to college.

Let go of losers and places you wouldn’t be caught dead in. This is your life. You reap what you sow, so plant beautiful heirloom seeds and help them flourish. Image