Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

by uhbeautifuldisaster


Hey guys! I’ve been inspired by Randy Paucsh’s memoir, THE LAST LECTURE. (an irresistable book you’ll want to take notes) I was 16 when I first read it, the second time I read it I’m now 20. 5 Years have passed and I’ve nothing to show, over the past year I feel like I’ve been making up for lost time. How did the minutes slip past? A therapist will call it depression, but to be honest, depression was the symptom, not the dis-ease. Over the past year and over a handful of self-help national bestsellers & TED TV, and keeping a journal, I’ve been treating the dis-ease and I’ve come to the last stage in recovery: acceptance.

My journals are a very important piece to my Quest for an Abundance in Sunshine. I dubbed them Progress Reports, inspired by one of my other favorite novels FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON. The other day, after reading THE LAST LECTURE, I read through my progress reports and took some notes. This is what I know:

One of my childhood dreams is to be a ballerina because I’ve associated this milestone with the definition of being beautiful. I’ve always wanted to feel beautiful and strong, and having no self-esteem and insecurities has been a major theme in my progress. It affects my life hourly.

For an hour or two a day, I scanned the information superhighway about facilitating a learning enviornment. My intention was to study the experience dancers have. Although there are a plethora of books on technique and fundamentals of classical ballet, I need a teacher to show me how not to injure myself. This is when being poor in the country sets a huge brick wall before me.

I’ll continue to work hard to find a job, so I can be mobile. In the meantime, I’m switching my strategy and will start research on self-taught yoga. To be honest, I feel discouraged. The odds are against me. I’m not getting any younger, and I’m back at my parents because I couldn’t live in a ditch any more.

Stay strong and keep moving on. Besides contempory classical ballet, I dreamed consecutively for 2 years to play the violin, and I’ve always dreamed about being “The next American novelist”

I hope you let my advice help you, and you wake up.