Yoga for Sleepyheads

by uhbeautifuldisaster

sun salutations

sun salutations

In my opinion, the sun salutations is a terrific exericize when you’ve been in a position for a long period of time. I do this when i wake up in the morning, it helps me feel energized.

You start in mountain pose, that benefits good posture. bring your feet together, toes touching, bring your hands together in prayer, and imagine a line going through the center of your body. inhale, and when you exhale, reach up and look behind you as far as you can see, inhale, come down when you exhale. sometimes i’ll hold pose 2 for 4 breaths.

Sun Salutations are good if you experience back pain.

Avoid doing yoga under direct sunlight.

I’ll post a bunch more yoga poses for beginners and include some background information on yoga, and some of the yogis I google for good measure.