New Social Media: How to Happify Yourself (with a freebie offer)

by uhbeautifuldisaster

I have to leave my post, but I’ll return to this intell

Life's So Sweet

English: A table illustrating statistics menti...Happify. (v) – to make happy, to render happy, to be made happy

Not a word you hear everyday, but it’s the name of a social media beta site:

The entire premise of the project is that happiness is a skill that can be learned, or at least improved upon, and that happiness habits can help the average person be happier/more positive on a daily basis. Before you roll your eyes or scoff at the idea, please keep in mind that there is growing interest in Positive Psychology, a sector of the psych field that connects the workings of the brain with good moods and positive feelings. Time magazine just did a big happiness spread, documentaries are being made, books are being written, all about the idea that science has more to do with our happiness and positive moods than we think. If you look at the…

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