Bear With Me

by uhbeautifuldisaster

It’s been a year since I’ve started this Quest and here’s what I’ve figured out:

– it’s all about your mindset. change your mindset, change your destiny

– presentation is everything. dress prosperous. image is a construction and others are easily disillusioned. you will be vulnerable.

– take risks

– travel more, see more forests, more oceans, more mountains, more rivers, more cities

– don’t be afraid to feel beautiful

– keep your promises, including the ones to yourself

And that’s all I can remember. It’s very windy, the whoosh pushes the doors open and lifts the curtains as if being visited by a presence. I want to dazzle this blog, it’s bland. Bear with me (: I’ll start taking pictures with my new camera and check out what wordpress has to offer. Lately, I’ve been lollygagging on pinterest, organizing my boards. I’m anxious to show you my product hauls. LMS