my best pic yet

SpriteSquadron is a delirious lover for art and lives by the motto “Follow your bliss.” At a young age she showed an affinity for writing, poetry, and drama. Self-confidence was measured in salt tears until an angel dressed in digi camo rescued her from self- pity. She learned that there will always be a fear inside her that she would not be good enough, until she re-educated herself and saw with updated eyes: as long as you believe that you are not good enough, than nothing you do will be good enough. After a long, dreadful depression, she stopped being critical about her looks. She let herself write those poems again. Out of necessity, she started to paint. Love started to ooze from her open heart. She handed out theraputic smiles to strangers, and every ear that would listen she told them the secret to happiness which was to live in loving awareness. She hopes that passerby on this blog will encourage others to BE THEMSELVES.