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I don’t give a lovely motha —–


That’s (2/5) illustrated drawings. Last night, it was around 11 pm, I got around to drawing a diagram of the brain. In the background, I listened to a lecture by Bruce Lipton.
cartoon brain
“cells can communicate for 2 or more months with no genes at all. Protein provides your structure. Amino acid sequence determines your outcome. A signal from the enviornment activates the expression of the D N A”

After the brain, I automatically turned the page & came up with my own creation.

I woke up this morning feeling awesome. I admired my work, i loved it ! Look at that pretty little piece of me in ink. Practice, practice, practice


Self-Improvement Tip #3 : MAKE SHIT HAPPEN

The monumental goal I wanted to accomplish today (it’s the challenge of the month) is to illustrate. Just draw! I love graphics, so I wanted to find a hobby that encouraged this creative side of me.

As of yet I have (3/5) drawings complete.

I painted my nails cosmic blue to match my dark jeans and crop top. The crop top is over a tan knit sweater. It looks very Emma Watson.

Cheers to feeling beautiful today! And now I feel more ready to sit down and make a diagram of a brain.