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DIY Macrame Bracelet

Choose your signature charms, jump rings and take a handful of bangles (who doesn’t have these somewhere?) and embroidery thread!

embroidery thread

You can make it more memoriable by taking your BFF to the nearest bead store. Beady eyed Bff’s! Lavish in your unique style ladies.

You’ll wrap the thread around the bangle, then attach the charm using a jump ring. TRY THIS: Know the square knot? This adds detail or try switching colors.)

Feel free to use the reblog feature guys (: Let me know how you do and comment below cuz I wanna see what you guys come up with<3

P.s. sorry for the lame layout, I would've taken a picture of my handmade bracelets, but i cannot find my dear usb cable.

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Dirty Dog


Yepp I’m selling everything I own to help pay for 2 Greyhound bus tickets! The fare is $278.00. I signed up for Greyhound Bus Rewards for a 10% discount on my first ticket and I’m scanning RetailMeNot for additional coupons. I want to take my violin and Eduardo’s guitar….which reminds me of my desperate Indiegogo campaign in pursuit of fixing up my violin. The materials are costly. You’re invisible hands can help lift me up though! Contributing to someone else’s well being is beneficial for every body involved.

Greyhound Road Rewards
Be Love Now

Nailing Hair Like A Pro

cate b

I can’t tell you how long I’ve visualized my hair a different colour than red. I went through phases like anybody else:

Phase 1: Platinum Blond
Phase 2: Pastel Lavender
Phase 3: Teal
Phase 4: The Red Spectrum
Phase 5: Platinum Blond

I was fed up with what I saw in the mirror and desired change. Why not? My friend bought me Splash! Hair Dye from CVS but even I was skeptical and I was drawing worried looks from my boyfriend. “I think you look great the way you look now.” He rationalized. I really don’t want my hair to come out orange or yellow and I need to prevent damage, so I am researching hair tutorials. These sites have been super helpful and have precise instructions.

Let’s see how we can make this work! I’ll post before and after pictures next week! Also I’m having a huge yard sale. Everything must go. It’s liberating. I’ll be using the money to by greyhound bus tickets for me and my bad baby.

I’ll Hold You In A Cold Place

5 Guiding Principles
overall planning for my happiest/successful future

1. Celebrate a rebirth of poetry, music, and theater.

2. Deliver excellence through my writing and other services.

3. Educate the unlucky ones providing inspiration and offering solutions, encourage seeing the world in my unique perspective.

4. I value persistence and generosity, showing ambition and genuine concern for the quality of life.

5. Surround myself in ubiquitous beauty, however i perceive it.

I know everyone is going to copy this once they see how awesome it is. Instead of paraphrasing what I wrote, I really want to encourage you to make your OWN copy.

The chapter Put Your Career on a Happy Track, has sweet advice.

#96  List 5 of Your Guiding Principles

# 103 Summarize 3 Points of Your Adversary’s Argument

#133 Mentally Affirm Two Ways Life May Become Better

“Your guiding principles are those that reflect your core beliefs and guide not only what you do but why and how you do it.” The company that I dream to work for share some of my beliefs. I’m definitely more confident and prepared to talk to a manager from my dream job, if the opportunity arises.

Sometimes, life looks pretty fucking bleak. If there’s no income coming in, you’re literally a boot away from being homeless, then you’re living on a prayer. Generosity is number 4 on my list because it’s such a blessing when someone offers you some bread, or bus money. It’s also nice that at a time when you feel so isolated, someone took a small peek at your existence and demonstrates mercy. Life will be better when I have a job, so I just got to hang in there.

When you see hippie, you probably imagine Volkswagen bus.  A hippie says in a documentary “You meet the nicest folk when you’re broken down on the road.”

Oh my people, that’s the word.

Decadent Prose

Here’s some work I did over a year ago with interesting imagery that makes the prose imaginable. Surreal descriptions, please like and comment if you love my style. This work needs revision, i hope there’s no harm in sharing this!

I had a dream where I was running frantic across the Atlantic coast towards great heaving breasts, stranded orcas gasp, some facing that hot sun, white bellies up. I heard their dying chatter in my head. THen I had this other dream where Adam and Eve are throwing fruit at each other. Adam does a combat role into the bush as Eve, standing naked in the open, chucks mangoes. I could be an artist if I knew how to be brave.

I’d confess my love for Moreau and my passion for minimalist art. I was really good and everyone wanted to know about my success and how did you put so much into so little, I would answer “Part of the problem was investing intellectual seriousness in my work and trying not to pay too much attention to cinematic drama.” No would would guess that I was saved like a teddy bear at the dump.

Gangs bearing other hungry artists would recruit me. The serpent told Eve that Adam was going to hit her soon if she didn’t keep dodging him. By the ocean I took off my summer dress and ran naked towards the rushing water. I dipped the fabric in and thrust it out like a net, running, always running, back to the washed up whales in vain, trying so hard to keep them alive. Why did these monoliths die this way?

In all honesty, and that’s saying a lot here, I didn’t have an outstanding painting career. The smoking room is filled with other various artists, the joint is passed around. “But if I could paint,” I said letting out a cloud of smoke – “I’d paint Adam throwing fruit at Eve. I’d paint a scene of several whales washed up on a beach.” This guy sitting in the circle with the rest of us looks up at me with a cynical glare. “I dream a lot,” I said on the offensive. This guy retorts “Do I look like a therapist to you?” And because I thought this was really funny, I burst into laughter.

Who does a girl like me talk to, I sat beside myself peeking around the smoking room. My eyes stop on a poet who sucked the joint with her Lolita lips until she made a kissing sound and blew out lovely plumes of smoke. With surprisingly little effort, the smoke delivered blooms of peonies, so the poet reminded me of the poetic names peonies have, like Buddha’s Lotus Seat, Purple Pheonix Flying to the Sun,& Fat Concubine.

Her wrist were thin and her fingers were thinner. When she passed the torch she took it between her nails, as thin as a heart’s cell, and pointed it to the next sucker. She said mostly to herself, “What a smokescreen.” Her eyes dropped to her jagged knees.

I hit it so hard I choke like a maniac, my lungs desperate for lubrication. Then I fall back to bed.

Venus in Furs

When its hard to fall back asleep at 3 AM, I embroider. It’s below 30 outside with strong winds, so sneaking outside is like hiding in a freezer. Lately, it seems like I’m too busy breathing and existing to create much, unless I sleep for a couple of hours before I start a project. I will start to eat more. Eating tiny morsels is a great way to get your body feeling lethargic. I’m picky. I calculate too soon how much fat is in that “Not” butter, but 58% hydrogenated oil.

I tell myself things will get better once I have a job. Which leads to the most focused assignment – employment.

As I lay in a drugged coma, my body is tired, I spend five minutes imagining forthcoming fame, # 101 in 365 ways to Live Happy.

I  use sensory details. The confidence in my voice, bearing professionalism. The brightness of the hospital floors, the smell of disinfectant and order. I’d give the manager a firm handshake, but I’d make him or her laugh and the pressure would lift. All my answers will be thought out and meaningful. I’ll go for the classy look.

Today is Tuesday, and I haven’t settled on a theme for Tuesday. Tomorrow is DIY Wednesday though, looking forward to what I’ll get my hands on.


# 171

Baby steps. Boost up morale. Key word is attainable. Remember that every day you must work towards completing these goals. You can visualize all day about your dreams, but you can’t choose to be inactive or emotionless. Instead, replace procrastination with a beneficial habit.

April’s Lifelines

dream job — 1 daily quart of water —

squishy clutterbug — utilize frames —

legendary MTG — narrative fiction — read 3 novels

— fitness tuesday — movie madness — adorable french braid

— wood wedges —  laundry

Some of my suggestions for success: devote 30 minutes a day to achieving one of your goals. I’m going to get my calender now, and “graph my goals”, that’s what I call it when I put icons on dates that I want certain things to be accomplished. It helps with visualization.

I’m also not worrying about things that don’t matter, and pondering how to be the type of friend I also want to have as a friend.

8 Things I Love

1. Last but Won tee

2. Creep? kreep? shoes

3. silent smoke leggings

4. silver cross earrings

5. studded utility jacket

6. belgian painting

belgian painter

i forgot who did this – i’m on it tho


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it

living someone else’s life,

don’t be trapped by the dogma,

which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

“Don’t let the noise of other’s

opinions drown out your own inner voice.

And most important,

have the courage

to follow your heart & intuition.

“They somehow already know

what you truly want

to become.

“Everything else is secondary.”

Steve Jobs commencement speech @ Stanford ’05



“A new scientfic truth is not usually presented in a way to convince its opponents. Rather, they die off, and a rising generation is familiarized with the truth from the start.” Max Planck

This blog is only 3 months in the making & I’ve made an honest attempt to keep my posts functional and organized. Every month I write a post expressing my gratitude to a doctor’s research.

January I mentioned positive psychologist Tal Ben Shahar and shared a video link to his Harvard Lecture on happiness.

January I shared the book that needs to be on the New York Times Bestseller. Your Body’s Many Cries For Water by M. D. F. Batmangehlidj. Totally not going to act like I can pronounce that. (: I can’t recommend this medical breakthrough seriously enough.

February I mentioned the power couple Robin Williams and Bruce Lipton. Visit their lectures on youtube, type “Biology of Belief” and “Psychology of Change.”

The buzzword is “epigenetics” the new science that “our genes are not our fate.” For March, the spot light is on M. D. Dean Ornish.  I discovered him reading an article in Total Health Magazine here by another doctor I’ll spotlight later, the lovely N. D.  Sherrill Sellman :

My humanities professor in college never failed to remind us students to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

10 gal laundry

Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

Another link off that list of from the blog on blogspot. This appeared in Yahoo News. This link has pictures (:

Don’t Let The Days Pass You By

DIY Wednesday I wanted to work on my chapbook but I got distracted by the menu bar above which lists my favorite online shops…and I ended up spending hours “pinning” clothes.

Self-Improvement Tip # 11 – Create an inspiration board.

I think having an inspiration board means you are letting yourself love the things you do, it’s also a neat way to visualize your ideas and even helps bring emotional clarity. A lot of times, we face this irrational thought that we don’t deserve to like certain things – that we have to be something in order to have certain things or something convoluted like that. Just a real nasty way to treat yourself so starting an inspiration board is a nice thing to do for yourself.

I always recommend I have posts from last year it’s still interesting to look at my tastes and also what I did was a little picture journal, where I posted a picture with relevance to that day. Yayy my nails are dry (:

Tumblr is a great site for inspirational quotes or pictures. is free digital look book. You create boards, themes, and pin to these boards. It’s fun. My manager has a board of neat organizational tools, a bunch of fun gizmos, I have a board for my wishlist.

I just watched the first episode and fell madly in love with the nonchalant bounty hunter. The first  scene you catch him sweating, working out some high kicks in his ship. Oh, and I watch episodes with English subtitles.