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4 Hair Styles with Bandana

I have my own collection of bandana’s and this is a perfect guide to easy styles. Must-haves for extremly curly hair, not just for the bad hair days but to have more natural days.

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Beauty Kept Secret

“A beautiful woman will enchant you with her opinions. She never gets anxious, she’s always collected and witty. Confidence radiates under her bare skin. She’s a whirlwind who does a tremendous job and drinks coffee all she wants.”

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Fall Fashion Style




thigh gap

stripped and ripped jeans

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DIY Macrame Bracelet

Choose your signature charms, jump rings and take a handful of bangles (who doesn’t have these somewhere?) and embroidery thread!

embroidery thread

You can make it more memoriable by taking your BFF to the nearest bead store. Beady eyed Bff’s! Lavish in your unique style ladies.

You’ll wrap the thread around the bangle, then attach the charm using a jump ring. TRY THIS: Know the square knot? This adds detail or try switching colors.)

Feel free to use the reblog feature guys (: Let me know how you do and comment below cuz I wanna see what you guys come up with<3

P.s. sorry for the lame layout, I would've taken a picture of my handmade bracelets, but i cannot find my dear usb cable.

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Hard Love

enough enough

This is always hard to admit. You think after so much positive self talk I’d feel more confident, more loving towards myself. Right now, during these circumstances, I’m learning every day about patience. Picture me standing on my left foot and lifting my right leg as high as it could go, straining for elegance. I wobble. I try to balance on the tippy toes of my left foot, pushing my weight and insecurities hard into the floor. I faulter. When I participated in yoga, i strained as far as I could go, determined that I was flexible and strong. What you see is just skin deep. After a few sessions I stopped because my hips kept popping. (My educated guess was that after realigning myself this was the result of suction and fluids.) I stopped my breathing exercizes and drank less and less water. Desperate tears fell down my face while I fed the goats. Goats remind me of Alexander the Great. I wanted to gain an empire and do it big, Queen Elizabeth style. Patience. Don’t sell yourself short just because you can’t bend over backwards like a ballerina just yet. Hard love. Impersonal love. Love yourself, you work so hard to stay clean with no running water. The walls can be dilepated and the bathroom can rot but keep your spirits high, create music and don’t stop learning. Pick up your pencil and books again, and do so daring greatly.

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Hear You Me

alphonse mucha

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Be Love Now –

Dirty Dog


Yepp I’m selling everything I own to help pay for 2 Greyhound bus tickets! The fare is $278.00. I signed up for Greyhound Bus Rewards for a 10% discount on my first ticket and I’m scanning RetailMeNot for additional coupons. I want to take my violin and Eduardo’s guitar….which reminds me of my desperate Indiegogo campaign in pursuit of fixing up my violin. The materials are costly. You’re invisible hands can help lift me up though! Contributing to someone else’s well being is beneficial for every body involved.

Greyhound Road Rewards
Be Love Now

Nailing Hair Like A Pro

cate b

I can’t tell you how long I’ve visualized my hair a different colour than red. I went through phases like anybody else:

Phase 1: Platinum Blond
Phase 2: Pastel Lavender
Phase 3: Teal
Phase 4: The Red Spectrum
Phase 5: Platinum Blond

I was fed up with what I saw in the mirror and desired change. Why not? My friend bought me Splash! Hair Dye from CVS but even I was skeptical and I was drawing worried looks from my boyfriend. “I think you look great the way you look now.” He rationalized. I really don’t want my hair to come out orange or yellow and I need to prevent damage, so I am researching hair tutorials. These sites have been super helpful and have precise instructions.

Let’s see how we can make this work! I’ll post before and after pictures next week! Also I’m having a huge yard sale. Everything must go. It’s liberating. I’ll be using the money to by greyhound bus tickets for me and my bad baby.

Wrap Up


I adore how chic and functional scarves are! Perfect disguise for an uncooperative hair day. These are the styles I’ve been wearing this summer around the house to keep me cool.