The Quest for an Abudance in Sunshine

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Dark Again

I’ve had a lot on my plate recently, but I believe as long as I hang in there we’re going to end up finding a job soon, and living in a better situation. (Manager Joe never called me for that interview he mentioned.) March may be my last month posting so feverishly, I’m sorry to say that our time is up at Mrs. Zella’s residence. She can’t afford to help us any more. I’m packing up our things to prepare for a move, I’m thinking that we might end up at Edwardo’s cousin’s house. His cousin’s name is Benvolio, who has an interesting collection of gangster films, a few motion pictures I watched on their couch this past weekend. Sin City, Good Fellas, Running Scared. I mentioned he was missing Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet staring leonardo dicaprio and Quentin Tarantino’s Read the rest of this entry »