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Chasing Leopards

” Pulitzer prize winning poem written by Louis Simpson, an American paratrooper who wrote of his experience at the city of Carentan, France held still by German troops shortly following D-Day”
Watching Leopards

Watching Leopards

Trees in the old days used to stand
And shape a shady lane
Where lovers wandered hand in hand
Who came from Carentan.
This was the shining green canal
Where we came two by two
Walking at combat-interval.
Such trees we never knew.
The day was early June, the ground
Was soft and bright with dew.
Far away the guns did sound,
But here the sky was blue.
The sky was blue, but there a smoke
Hung still above the sea
Where the ships together spoke
To towns we could not see.
Could you have seen us through a glass
You would have said a walk
Of farmers out to turn the grass,
Each with his own hay-fork.
The watchers in their leopard suits
Waited till it was time,
And aimed between the belt and boot
And let the barrel climb.
I must lie down at once, there is
A hammer at my knee.
And call it death or cowardice,
Don’t count again on me.
Everything’s all right, Mother,
Everyone gets the same
At one time or another.
It’s all in the game.
I never strolled, nor ever shall,
Down such a leafy lane.
I never drank in a canal,
Nor ever shall again.
There is a whistling in the leaves
And it is not the wind,
The twigs are falling from the knives
That cut men to the ground.
Tell me, Master-Sergeant,
The way to turn and shoot.
But the Sergeant’s silent
That taught me how to do it.
O Captain, show us quickly
Our place upon the map.
But the Captain’s sickly
And taking a long nap.
Lieutenant, what’s my duty,
My place in the platoon?
He too’s a sleeping beauty,
Charmed by that strange tune.
Carentan O Carentan
Before we met with you
We never yet had lost a man
Or known what death could do.
“This is my contribution for Narrative Monday, big hug to Edwardo (hehe) for sharing with me.”

The Art of War



Sunday is Appreciation Day, which I remembered promptly at 3:45 p.m. A little late in the day to remember to be thankful, no? Nevertheless, I took 60 seconds to think about Mrs. Zella’s charity, the hard work Edwardo is clocking in, and the ability to feel astonished.

I was also happy to be in a healthy relationship with Edwardo, and although the battle is a long one, we still have the strength and provisions to keep pressing forward. 

Edwardo changed my life with his lessons of war history. I let him explain Germany’s ingenuity for efficient weaponry and defense, demonstrating with Google pictures of the different tank designs. He taught me how to disarm a gun in a blink of an eye, get cover, and how to aim with a sight. One lesson he stressed was to be stoic, or be like water. If there are logs in the way, water moves swiftly around it. Edwardo is a tactician, his talents reflected in his ability to play only bad ass video games like BATTLEFIELD and DARK SOULS on PS3 in LEGENDARY MODE. Edwardo never played a video game on NORMAL or EASY. Never. He’d change the settings of the game play to experience the engine’s highest potential. I miss the merciless heat of the humid summer when Edwardo paced with the ART OF WAR in his hands, as he read aloud in this magisterial voice summoning the strategies of an ancient high-ranking Chinese general for my benefit. He was trying to save my life the way he had saved himself – survival of the fittest.

Here’s an analogy: My first snow was a trap. I admired the cotton fluff snow at the cost of hypothermia. The south has NO inkling how cold 28 degrees Fahrenheit gets. I would complain, until I remembered Stalingrad. 


it’s a tactic I use to get myself motivated and to keep fighting for what I believe in. 

Zombie – The Cranberries

DARK SOULS game trailer