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“A new scientfic truth is not usually presented in a way to convince its opponents. Rather, they die off, and a rising generation is familiarized with the truth from the start.” Max Planck

This blog is only 3 months in the making & I’ve made an honest attempt to keep my posts functional and organized. Every month I write a post expressing my gratitude to a doctor’s research.

January I mentioned positive psychologist Tal Ben Shahar and shared a video link to his Harvard Lecture on happiness.

January I shared the book that needs to be on the New York Times Bestseller. Your Body’s Many Cries For Water by M. D. F. Batmangehlidj. Totally not going to act like I can pronounce that. (: I can’t recommend this medical breakthrough seriously enough.

February I mentioned the power couple Robin Williams and Bruce Lipton. Visit their lectures on youtube, type “Biology of Belief” and “Psychology of Change.”

The buzzword is “epigenetics” the new science that “our genes are not our fate.” For March, the spot light is on M. D. Dean Ornish.  I discovered him reading an article in Total Health Magazine here by another doctor I’ll spotlight later, the lovely N. D.  Sherrill Sellman :

My humanities professor in college never failed to remind us students to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.


You’re Not Sick – You’re Thirsty!

I feel like it’s my responsibility to share with you a vital routine that we neglect every day. Our body requires at minimum 2 quarts of water a day.


One glass of tap water equal to the amount of 8 fl ounces one hour before & after you eat, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Periods between sessions of eating, drink a glass or two. To be safe, drink extra before a large meal and before bedtime.


I’ve done this for 2 weeks. I’ve had a boost in energy. I can think more clearly, I don’t get a quick to temper. Overall I feel wonderful and beautiful.


On my quest I found this book, titled “You’re Not Sick – You’re Thirsty!” written by a remarkable doctor.


Please share this piece of information with other bloggers you know. This will keep your hydrolic body functioning properly, not to forget to mention that drinking a cold glass of water helps to relax you, it helps to soothe your body, proteins and enzymes work more efficiently, it generates energy, it will boost your mood and help you feel great.


Don’t deny your body what it deserves!! Inexpensive, water is medicine as food is medicine..


Check out his groundbreaking work.

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Lots of love, S.S.