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Nailing Hair Like A Pro

cate b

I can’t tell you how long I’ve visualized my hair a different colour than red. I went through phases like anybody else:

Phase 1: Platinum Blond
Phase 2: Pastel Lavender
Phase 3: Teal
Phase 4: The Red Spectrum
Phase 5: Platinum Blond

I was fed up with what I saw in the mirror and desired change. Why not? My friend bought me Splash! Hair Dye from CVS but even I was skeptical and I was drawing worried looks from my boyfriend. “I think you look great the way you look now.” He rationalized. I really don’t want my hair to come out orange or yellow and I need to prevent damage, so I am researching hair tutorials. These sites have been super helpful and have precise instructions.

Let’s see how we can make this work! I’ll post before and after pictures next week! Also I’m having a huge yard sale. Everything must go. It’s liberating. I’ll be using the money to by greyhound bus tickets for me and my bad baby.


Walter Prettyman – violin

I met this gentleman at a bar. He inspired my post for my Narrative Craft “Anything Could Happen.”

Draw Your Swords

There’s everything in the world left to lose.
The only possessions I have are buried
some place safe that only I
Know the secret location of. If someone tried to shake me around for the key, they’d wrangle me like a towel
but I still wouldn’t make a sound.

You are mine. I am yours.

Nothing changes this fact.
Kick me to the ground.
The world is cruel, but I will never
My feet tramp uphill, around steep curves,
I vanish behind the bend.

I’ve picked a place inside my self that’s easy to defend.

You are mine. I am yours.
Nothing changes that fact.

I’ve strapped my heavy heart on my back and rode my bike
through a field that smelled like apple cinnamon pie.

I need something to hold my pens!!

I need something to hold my pens!!

cute indie coin purse, btw figured I’d post a “syllabus” for my blog. 

Sunday ~ notes on positivity, inspiring photos, faith, Nature

Monday ~ creative writing rants, fucking poetry

Tuesday ~ latest nutrition craze, alternative medicine, therapy, fitness

Wednesday ~ DIY, oragami, plushies

Thursday ~ Illustrations (my profile pic is a baby elephant I drew my senior year ^^)

Friay ~ Entertainment

Saturday  ~ Everything Teal