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Fitness Tuesday: Not happening. Wait. What?

Tuesdays I reflect on my fitness regimen, it’s kind of like my check up day to see how my character is developing. (Character = me) I get motivated, sparked up to lift weights and flex, and then something blows up over here, and then I’m reading this awesome thing I just heard about or I end up on adult swim.

So my conscious mind is like “Hell yeah let’s do this!” But there’s this other part of me that’s like, nope, not uh.

I’m picking up pieces about how hard it is to break bad habits. Not just quitting cigarettes or not fulfilling your New Year Resolution, but also the negative cycle “i’ll never be good enough.” (You can fill in the quotes with a personal favorite of yours.) What I’m learning is that habits are naturally hard to break because there are two minds. Last year, I learned that the mind does not like incongruity. (Happier, Tal Ben Shahar) I got to add on to that thought more when I watched Rob Williams after Bruce Lipton in his Psychology for Change and listened to him explain that we take for granted what role our subconscious plays. It’s busy making sure I’m typing these keys on the keyboard in the correct spelling.  my subconscious holds long term memory whereas my conscious records every 20 seconds. If I didn’t remember where the keys were on this keyboard, then I’d have to relearn all over again. 

Why is it important to know how the conscious and unconscious mind function to break a habit? We are only communicating with our conscious mind, the unconscious doesn’t listen it doesn’t care it goes on operating your body. In order for me to change a habit, I have to believe that I can, but if in my unconscious mind, I actually DONT BELIEVE i can, then the only person i’m fooling is myself. I can tell myself all day long “I deserve to feel beautiful” “I an interesting, lovable person” or “I am happy” but if deep down, i really don’t believe that I love myself unconditionally no real progress can be made.

How can I communicate with my subconscious? Before Dr. Williams answers how, he debunks myths that we’ve been programmed were facts. One myth was that you have to go through all this heartache, figure out why you’re fucked in the head, and then, stick with the program and just hope it turns out, hope the counseling works, but for some reason it doesn’t. Another is it takes just as long to be cured as it took the sickness to seep in. Dr. Rob Williams provides the affirmation that this is not true. 

Dr. Rob Williams and biologist Bruce Lipton are incredible to me like Max Gerson. It’s amazing to see two scientists trying to heal the problem at it’s source, not treat the symptom. I really commend them for all their work, when you think about it, they’re trying to change everyone’s mind about themselves. It’s a new science based on belief and perception, but they don’t talk about having faith, or needing to meditate.







You’re Not Sick – You’re Thirsty!

I feel like it’s my responsibility to share with you a vital routine that we neglect every day. Our body requires at minimum 2 quarts of water a day.


One glass of tap water equal to the amount of 8 fl ounces one hour before & after you eat, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Periods between sessions of eating, drink a glass or two. To be safe, drink extra before a large meal and before bedtime.


I’ve done this for 2 weeks. I’ve had a boost in energy. I can think more clearly, I don’t get a quick to temper. Overall I feel wonderful and beautiful.


On my quest I found this book, titled “You’re Not Sick – You’re Thirsty!” written by a remarkable doctor.


Please share this piece of information with other bloggers you know. This will keep your hydrolic body functioning properly, not to forget to mention that drinking a cold glass of water helps to relax you, it helps to soothe your body, proteins and enzymes work more efficiently, it generates energy, it will boost your mood and help you feel great.


Don’t deny your body what it deserves!! Inexpensive, water is medicine as food is medicine..


Check out his groundbreaking work.

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Lots of love, S.S.