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Fall Fashion Style




thigh gap

stripped and ripped jeans

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DIY Macrame Bracelet

Choose your signature charms, jump rings and take a handful of bangles (who doesn’t have these somewhere?) and embroidery thread!

embroidery thread

You can make it more memoriable by taking your BFF to the nearest bead store. Beady eyed Bff’s! Lavish in your unique style ladies.

You’ll wrap the thread around the bangle, then attach the charm using a jump ring. TRY THIS: Know the square knot? This adds detail or try switching colors.)

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Healthy Snack

There’s not too much going on in my kitchen. I’m always searching for quick, healthy snacks instead of opting for Cheetos. Who better recipes to steal from then celebrities? Lex from modeljourney spills the seeds, pumpkin seeds that is, and goji berries for a super food snack! Yummy!

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O P E N until 8

“Books have given me a magic portal to connect with people of the past and the present. i know i shall never feel lonely or powerless again. Having your dreams shattered really is nothing compared to what many others have suffered. i have come to believe that the most important purpose of a dream is to get us in touch with where dreams come from. Where passion comes from! Where happiness comes from! even a shattered dream can do that for you.” – Lisa Bu

Goodbye Apathy

The Nine Sectors of Your Whole Life

Family Personal Time Relationship
Work Leisure Contribution
Friends Hobby Personal Nourishment

Does your whole life consist of your relationship? Or are you too busy with work? “Each area requires 100% commitment (awareness, perseverance, & patience.) Participate as if you count. This grid reduces fear of loneliness.” I wrote that in my Progress Report journal while I read Ph.D Susan Jeffer’s self-help book “Feel the Fear…and do it anyways!”

These are the categories she suggests. You can fill them with what’s meaningful and purposeful to you. She instructs to take a few minutes and visualize what you’d like each quadrant to look like, and then ask yourself what specific steps can you take in that direction. Write it out and be descriptive. Taking accountability in setting short term goals – achievable goals – that you can complete in the next week or three days will help you complete your long term goals.

I can imagine inner peace for personal nourishment, so I can proactively participate in an activity, say yoga. Time management is key. My advice is to take on projects you can finish quicker, so you’ll have time for the bigger projects. It takes me 15 minutes in the morning to do my breathing exercises, poses, and drink two cups of water, whereas sometimes I don’t get the opportunity to privately study for 3 hours. I’d feel worse if I wasn’t doing something – but don’t be so hard on yourself.

This next exercise will help out with your Time Management skill. The Integrity Mirror was suggested by Ph.D Tal Ben Shahur in his self-help book about his positive phycology course he teaches at Harvard. In his book HAPPIER, you record the activities you participate in & the duration. For example, you spend 4 hours on facebook. Labeled: Activity, Time, Meaning & Pleasure – on a scale of 1-5, how meaningful was it for you to be on facebook for 4 hours? How good did it make you feel, did you derive satisfaction?

Then decide if you want to spend more or less time on facebook.

There are habits that can be detrimental to our health. For some reason, we abandon our strengths when we need them the most. This keeps you on track to do the things that make you happy. Remember, whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right.
– Don’t live with the result of other people’s thinking
– Don’t do anything that you’d feel ashamed of later
– Do live in the present moment
– Do give yourself a pat on the back
There are 24 hours in a day. I divided my activities with the amount of hours, and I found I can spend 2 hours on each activity, with 8 hours of sleep included.

I have time to paint, time to read, time to love, time to work out, and time to enjoy a movie, time to volunteer, time to be with my sweetheart.

The only thing I don’t like about this is the mindset it can put you in, like you can control what happens to you. You can make a conscious effort to get the outcome you desire, but not everything works out accordingly. The future is uncertain. For example, in my life right now my biggest focus is getting a job. I do my best with what I have – I’m persistent with managers, I dress for the motto “if you want to be successful dress prosperous”, keep track of whose hiring, but I can’t control the market. I had a job for one week at a Chinese restaurant, and the manager, Shawn, told me on the last Sunday “So we not real busy, I’ll call you when we get busy.” I applied for the company my mom works for, she works from hom… and my computer bleeped up and ruined the interview, thus disqualifying me for the job.

In his memoir, The Last Lecture, Randy discusses the brick walls that stand in our way. The brick walls are there to show us how badly we want something. Don’t give up, we should never give up. “As I see it, if you work more hours than somebody else, during those hours you learn more about your craft. That can make you more efficient, more able, even happier.”


bang i'm awesome

Achieving Your Childhood Dreams


Hey guys! I’ve been inspired by Randy Paucsh’s memoir, THE LAST LECTURE. (an irresistable book you’ll want to take notes) I was 16 when I first read it, the second time I read it I’m now 20. 5 Years have passed and I’ve nothing to show, over the past year I feel like I’ve been making up for lost time. How did the minutes slip past? A therapist will call it depression, but to be honest, depression was the symptom, not the dis-ease. Over the past year and over a handful of self-help national bestsellers & TED TV, and keeping a journal, I’ve been treating the dis-ease and I’ve come to the last stage in recovery: acceptance.

My journals are a very important piece to my Quest for an Abundance in Sunshine. I dubbed them Progress Reports, inspired by one of my other favorite novels FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON. The other day, after reading THE LAST LECTURE, I read through my progress reports and took some notes. This is what I know:

One of my childhood dreams is to be a ballerina because I’ve associated this milestone with the definition of being beautiful. I’ve always wanted to feel beautiful and strong, and having no self-esteem and insecurities has been a major theme in my progress. It affects my life hourly.

For an hour or two a day, I scanned the information superhighway about facilitating a learning enviornment. My intention was to study the experience dancers have. Although there are a plethora of books on technique and fundamentals of classical ballet, I need a teacher to show me how not to injure myself. This is when being poor in the country sets a huge brick wall before me.

I’ll continue to work hard to find a job, so I can be mobile. In the meantime, I’m switching my strategy and will start research on self-taught yoga. To be honest, I feel discouraged. The odds are against me. I’m not getting any younger, and I’m back at my parents because I couldn’t live in a ditch any more.

Stay strong and keep moving on. Besides contempory classical ballet, I dreamed consecutively for 2 years to play the violin, and I’ve always dreamed about being “The next American novelist”

I hope you let my advice help you, and you wake up.


I managed a strong comeback. Depression – apathy – resentment — whatever you will name it — seeped through my clothes and onto my skin this afternoon. I was fighting to feel happy in time to save Eduardo before he was trapped underneath it all, how did I let go of the dark things that roamed in my head? LEAVE ME ALONE! It’s always the same thought provoking routine; I take  r e s p o n s i b i l i t y   My advice: don’t focus on what didn’t work in your past. Focus on what is working right now to facilitate a happier future.

if I could go back to the year 2010 for 15 minutes, I’d tell myself to choose my friends wisely. Keep writing. Continue to paint. Buy a violin. Don’t feel afraid to feel beautiful.

Until We Bleed

It’s getting better and better all the time! Every day I improve more than the day before. I love simplicity, I have less, but I have more. My biological mother is working a busy day on her day off – I focused on bringing up only lovely affirming subjects – like the flowers that reminded me of her, or the interview I will get later this week. I heard her smile behind the phone, her confidence inspired me to continuing laying the bricks for our future. (Our past bridge soaked in kerosine by my father, and altogether, our rage lit like a fire. Fires, once started, burn until they’re burnt out.) “I hope you do get the interview,” that was my mother. “Then you can get yourself out of the situation your in, and we can see you with a car and going back to college.

Let go of losers and places you wouldn’t be caught dead in. This is your life. You reap what you sow, so plant beautiful heirloom seeds and help them flourish. Image