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MTG – for nerds eyes only


MTG – for nerdy eyes only

Magic the Gathering is the first trading card game played by 12 million players in 2011. (Wiki)

I was hooked by the eloquent art work. Imagine a multiuniverse where you resurrect glorious lands covered in volcanic mountains or islands, you are a PLANES WALKER, summoning creatures and casting spells to gain victory!!

Today I’ll provide you a deck so you can start winning duels. I’m going to tell you about what you’ll see on the card, the phases in a turn, the different types of cards and colours, and show you how combat damage is calculated. Stay with me lovelies, there is so much excitement in this classy trading card game.

The Different Colors & Card Types 

There are (5) colors representing the land types you control. Black for swamp. Black cards are about destruction, sacrifice, winning at all costs. White for plains. White cards are your support cards, these are all about healing, peace, and vigilance. Blue for island cards. Blue decks are manipulative. Green for forest; green cards stand for growth and nature and massive beasts. Red represents mountain cards. Red decks are destructive, fiery  bad tempered, and spontaneous.


fig. 1

Above are pictures of each land. Land is your mana cost, each card you’ll want to play will tell you how many lands you have to ‘tap’ in order to cast that card.

‘Tap’ is the term used for a card that was spent.

You have your land cards, & you’ll have your other ‘permanents’.

‘Permanents’ is the term used for cards that stay on the battlefield.

Permanents are your lands, creatures, enchantments, and artifacts. Sorcery & Instants are not permanent.


fig. 2

IDK how well the resolution is here but hopefully you can see that in a bar below the picture it tells you if you’re holding a creature, enchantment, spell, or artifact. Everything you need to know is on the card.

Creatures – you can summon as many creatures that you have the mana cost for. For example, in figure 2 Disciple of the Old Ways can only be summoned by tapping (1) forest land & (1) of any other land.

You can put enchantments on your creatures to give them special abilities. If I enchanted Disciple of the Old Ways with the enchantment in the figure above, Commander’s Authority, then at the start of my every turn, I get to summon a white human token creature with 1/1.

(Don’t be afraid of the fraction. We’ll cross combat damage when we get there.)

Artifacts are like bad ass enchantments. They can change the shape of the whole playing field. The one above is a mystic rare. (Cards are rated by their uniqueness, don’t worry too much about that yet my dear.) Instants are spells that can be played during your turn or your opponent’s turn. A Sorcery can only be cast during your turn. Up above I put down Murder which embodies the black deck if you ask me. And Ponder which sums up how controlling blue decks are.

Phases & Combat Damage

The game begins with each player drawing 7 cards. No more than 7 is allowed in your hand during game play. If you do not like your hand, you can mulligan, a term used to discard your hand into your deck and draw 6 cards instead. First player cannot draw a card. Players start with 20 lifepoints. The object is to attack each other’s lifepoints, and players summon creatures to defend themselves with. The card will tell you if your creature can defend you against other flying creatures, or maybe you have a fairy card that can only block other creatures with flying. OR maybe you played a wolf that is unblockable. As you play, it’s easy to imagine giant turtles for defenders and dragons flying over the giant snapping turtles.

Each turn you want to put a land card if you can. Limit one per turn. The beginning of your turn is called your upkeep. The main phase begins right after you draw a card, usually players drop down a land card if you have one. During this phase its acceptable to play any card. During combat, you have to imagine a fantasy dual between your creatures and the enemy.

Below is an example. If I declare an attack against player, that player has to choose who to defend with. (You can also choose not to defend and instead take damage directly to your lifepoints.)


I’m attacking with my Guardian Lions. see at the bottom right hand corner? 1/6. The first number is his power, which is the damage you can do. The second number is his toughness,  which is the damage you can take.That means he can defend himself from creatures that have a power of 6 or less.

Because neither creature has First Strike (an ability just like the lion’s Vigilance) each creature does the damage at the same time. The elf would go in the graveyard, having done one damage to the lions. That makes the lions a 1/5 until the end of the turn.

Here are 3 more examples for combat damage:

combat damage scenes

Here are three very powerful creatures. Starting from the bottom we have a vampire featuring Deathtouch, an ability that is dominant in green and black cards.

Our Vampire Nighthawk controls a power and toughness of 2/3, however, his Deathtouch ability makes more of an auto kill with 3 toughness.

Lord of the Void controls a power and toughness of 7/7

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight controls a power of 5/5 and First strike

We will now go through a combat scenario involving all of the above.

Vampire Nighthawk v. Lord of the Void

-Both are to die because our Vampire Nighthawk kills Lord with his Deathtouch ability, also since during combat each creature deals its damage simultaneously Lord of the Void is able to use his 7 power to destroy the Vampire Nighthwawk…our poor Lord of the Void subdued by Deathtouch.

Vampire Nighthawk v. Gisela, Blade of Goldnight

-In this confrontation Vampire Nighthawk will be unable to use his Deathtouch ability, since Gisela has First Strike she deals her 5 power’s worth of damage to Vampire Nighthawk before he can deal his damage simultaneously.

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight v. Lord of the Void-

-Surely our Lord of the Void will be able to triumph just once with his massive power of 7, perhaps even tend with Gisela’s First Strike capability. Indeed Lord of the Void would kill Gisela even with her First Strike ability, after she deals her 5 damage first Lord of the Void would strike back with 7 damage surviving by 2. In this case though our Gisela, Blade of Goldnight will be victorious because of her slightly better mythic rare ability which is…”If a source would deal damage to an opponent or a permanent an opponent controls, that source deals double that damage to that player or permanent instead.”…translated that means that her First Strike ability has actually been hitting with 10 this whole time not 5. The second part of her ability is the opposite, allowing half the damage to you or permanent you control.

– More combat scenarios are always developing in Magic, including more abilities and spells that alter the game in any way possible.


ENOUGH INFO TO START YOUR QUEST TO JOIN MAGIC THE GATHERING!! if i get enough likes, i’ll post a beta-standard deck for shits & giggles.




Draw Your Swords

There’s everything in the world left to lose.
The only possessions I have are buried
some place safe that only I
Know the secret location of. If someone tried to shake me around for the key, they’d wrangle me like a towel
but I still wouldn’t make a sound.

You are mine. I am yours.

Nothing changes this fact.
Kick me to the ground.
The world is cruel, but I will never
My feet tramp uphill, around steep curves,
I vanish behind the bend.

I’ve picked a place inside my self that’s easy to defend.

You are mine. I am yours.
Nothing changes that fact.

I’ve strapped my heavy heart on my back and rode my bike
through a field that smelled like apple cinnamon pie.

I like to go to the barn because

I like to go to the barn because
the horse follows me
I’m happier on my own.

#solitude #2 goats #distance

I’m happiest when I’m alone
with you.

I’ll wait here with the sounds, hang them up to dry
staying busy.
I’ll wait.

#heartbeat #indie #commitment

It’s getting colder outside.
Crows bicker at the sun, don’t come down.

It’s a deep breath away from escape
when you feel
the rush.
Memories flicker, I blush —
What do you do to me,

#love #lollipop #love

I crush
the leaves
under my
as I walk out
on 5 acres of private property.

Do you take me seriously
this much,
to squeeze your heart between my teeth
trust me not to let go
until we bleed.

Our love
the touch.


Fitness Tuesday, The New Theory Being Born

That title is a playoff of a poem I wrote 2 summers ago. I wasn’t aware of all the scientific progress we had made until i started doing my own research, but I was starting to believe that I had the power to change my life, I could alter every fiber of my being, I could become better and stronger. This hope lead me to discover Happier  the book I mention, and also the videos The Biology of Belief The Psychology of Change. My browser is flighty, so I’m sharing this in order to save this important info. 

In case you’re new, the videos I mentioned above are in this link:…ning-wait-what/

What I am sharing is an issue in TotalHealth Magazine. It is an article written by N.D. Sherrill Sellman. Her books are a needed plus, so in the meantime I’ll be busy reading some of her informative and enlightening articles.

The word Telomere is not new to me. I read it first in ELLE, the article was called “Hey – Wanna Live Forever?” In 1984 two grad students discovered telomerase as the enzyme that protects telomeres. Telomeres are found at the end of the chromosome and control basically how long we live. Elle discuses Harvard biologist Ronald DePinho’s study on modified mice where he was able to turn telomerase on and off using a synthetic estrogen drug. The results were concept forming; in the off stage the mice’s age accelerated. Turned on, mice acted energetic and lively.

Perhaps one day we will be able to live forever, turn back our biological clock to stay 21 two decades later without terrible consequence. A machine will be invented to change the color of your eye and hair texture, straighten you out and make you the perfect size, and keep you mechanically sound. Until we have the funds to do so, we’ll have to be content with who we are.

Awesome FOUND! item of the week

A new thiggy I’m adding to my blog. Like a pop quiz, I’ll share with every one something that just really popped at me. just like BLAM! 

So if you’ve been keeping up with me so far, I’ve been doing little illustrations. My themes were  DIAGRAMS. My first was a comparison between a dehydrated joint and a hydrated joint. You may have seen my brain. I love serendipity. 

Now, I don’t know anything about Andy Warhol, except I see his name everywhere!! (I know, I know, I’m guilty I really didn’t know who he was. I thought he was an actor. I think every one is an actor these days.) Wait. I recall Andy did the Campell’s Soup Can. 


Here’s another Andy painting. I think I might do a little research on him now. ^^

ImageDancing Diagram, 1962 

Broad Art Foundation, Santa Monica


Fitness Tuesday: Not happening. Wait. What?

Tuesdays I reflect on my fitness regimen, it’s kind of like my check up day to see how my character is developing. (Character = me) I get motivated, sparked up to lift weights and flex, and then something blows up over here, and then I’m reading this awesome thing I just heard about or I end up on adult swim.

So my conscious mind is like “Hell yeah let’s do this!” But there’s this other part of me that’s like, nope, not uh.

I’m picking up pieces about how hard it is to break bad habits. Not just quitting cigarettes or not fulfilling your New Year Resolution, but also the negative cycle “i’ll never be good enough.” (You can fill in the quotes with a personal favorite of yours.) What I’m learning is that habits are naturally hard to break because there are two minds. Last year, I learned that the mind does not like incongruity. (Happier, Tal Ben Shahar) I got to add on to that thought more when I watched Rob Williams after Bruce Lipton in his Psychology for Change and listened to him explain that we take for granted what role our subconscious plays. It’s busy making sure I’m typing these keys on the keyboard in the correct spelling.  my subconscious holds long term memory whereas my conscious records every 20 seconds. If I didn’t remember where the keys were on this keyboard, then I’d have to relearn all over again. 

Why is it important to know how the conscious and unconscious mind function to break a habit? We are only communicating with our conscious mind, the unconscious doesn’t listen it doesn’t care it goes on operating your body. In order for me to change a habit, I have to believe that I can, but if in my unconscious mind, I actually DONT BELIEVE i can, then the only person i’m fooling is myself. I can tell myself all day long “I deserve to feel beautiful” “I an interesting, lovable person” or “I am happy” but if deep down, i really don’t believe that I love myself unconditionally no real progress can be made.

How can I communicate with my subconscious? Before Dr. Williams answers how, he debunks myths that we’ve been programmed were facts. One myth was that you have to go through all this heartache, figure out why you’re fucked in the head, and then, stick with the program and just hope it turns out, hope the counseling works, but for some reason it doesn’t. Another is it takes just as long to be cured as it took the sickness to seep in. Dr. Rob Williams provides the affirmation that this is not true. 

Dr. Rob Williams and biologist Bruce Lipton are incredible to me like Max Gerson. It’s amazing to see two scientists trying to heal the problem at it’s source, not treat the symptom. I really commend them for all their work, when you think about it, they’re trying to change everyone’s mind about themselves. It’s a new science based on belief and perception, but they don’t talk about having faith, or needing to meditate.






I don’t give a lovely motha —–


That’s (2/5) illustrated drawings. Last night, it was around 11 pm, I got around to drawing a diagram of the brain. In the background, I listened to a lecture by Bruce Lipton.
cartoon brain
“cells can communicate for 2 or more months with no genes at all. Protein provides your structure. Amino acid sequence determines your outcome. A signal from the enviornment activates the expression of the D N A”

After the brain, I automatically turned the page & came up with my own creation.

I woke up this morning feeling awesome. I admired my work, i loved it ! Look at that pretty little piece of me in ink. Practice, practice, practice