The Quest for an Abudance in Sunshine

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Draw Your Swords

There’s everything in the world left to lose.
The only possessions I have are buried
some place safe that only I
Know the secret location of. If someone tried to shake me around for the key, they’d wrangle me like a towel
but I still wouldn’t make a sound.

You are mine. I am yours.

Nothing changes this fact.
Kick me to the ground.
The world is cruel, but I will never
My feet tramp uphill, around steep curves,
I vanish behind the bend.

I’ve picked a place inside my self that’s easy to defend.

You are mine. I am yours.
Nothing changes that fact.

I’ve strapped my heavy heart on my back and rode my bike
through a field that smelled like apple cinnamon pie.



please don’t run away from me
i’m just trying to help you see
things don’t always need to be this way

I’ll show you love, i’ll show you peace
I know you’ve tried for so long
Let me catch you when you fall

I want to show you some beauty
before the damage is done

you deserve to know your worth
i’ve threatened the destructive spirit with a handgun
i’ve kept him at bay, please run away with me, i don’t know how long it’s going to take

there’s no more cover, if you want to win
you must keep moving on,

i never wanted to hurt you, but i have stolen the light
forgive me, forgive you,
a double edge sword, you look so surprised
as it pierces our hearts at the same time

the medic is trying to get here before it’s too late

blood is spilling from the palm of my hands
i hope you understand! thunder rolls
over the land, later than sooner
a bolt strikes your head, what’s the words on the tip of your tongue

if you want victory, you’ll have to stop fighting on the opposite end.
your fractured youth doesn’t make you deformed
let it out, words dribble out, let- it- go –
let- it- go-

craters create graves.
the air strikes you before the sound.
everyone is fighting for ground,
fight beside me now


I do not stop to hope, I stop
To hit the breaks and hear a screech
Of halt-like-waking-up
Too soon that the moon
Is still yawning. I do not stop to hope

That the cars could see me
From miles before, that accidents
Were meant to be like fate;
I stop and hear the car roar.

It’s thundering like an angry
In the streets, look both ways

I go.