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I know who you are & saw what you did

title speaks for itself

lori fields

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I like to go to the barn because

I like to go to the barn because
the horse follows me
I’m happier on my own.

#solitude #2 goats #distance

I’m happiest when I’m alone
with you.

I’ll wait here with the sounds, hang them up to dry
staying busy.
I’ll wait.

#heartbeat #indie #commitment

It’s getting colder outside.
Crows bicker at the sun, don’t come down.

It’s a deep breath away from escape
when you feel
the rush.
Memories flicker, I blush —
What do you do to me,

#love #lollipop #love

I crush
the leaves
under my
as I walk out
on 5 acres of private property.

Do you take me seriously
this much,
to squeeze your heart between my teeth
trust me not to let go
until we bleed.

Our love
the touch.