The Quest for an Abudance in Sunshine

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Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?

Before I left to California, I was steadily trying to gain weight & I was obsessed with growing your own food. Self-sufficiency. I theorized that the cure to depression was becoming self-sufficient. I learned that a human has to participate in life – a stewardship, a contribution – i learned that digging your hands into the soil raised serotonin in the brain, vibes to feel happy.

The Russian astronaught who holds the record for the longest time spent in space had to grow wheat to keep himself from feeling depressed (which affected his physical body.)It gave him and his crew something to talk about, and it gave him something to care for.
The body and the mind are connected.


Achieving Your Childhood Dreams


Hey guys! I’ve been inspired by Randy Paucsh’s memoir, THE LAST LECTURE. (an irresistable book you’ll want to take notes) I was 16 when I first read it, the second time I read it I’m now 20. 5 Years have passed and I’ve nothing to show, over the past year I feel like I’ve been making up for lost time. How did the minutes slip past? A therapist will call it depression, but to be honest, depression was the symptom, not the dis-ease. Over the past year and over a handful of self-help national bestsellers & TED TV, and keeping a journal, I’ve been treating the dis-ease and I’ve come to the last stage in recovery: acceptance.

My journals are a very important piece to my Quest for an Abundance in Sunshine. I dubbed them Progress Reports, inspired by one of my other favorite novels FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON. The other day, after reading THE LAST LECTURE, I read through my progress reports and took some notes. This is what I know:

One of my childhood dreams is to be a ballerina because I’ve associated this milestone with the definition of being beautiful. I’ve always wanted to feel beautiful and strong, and having no self-esteem and insecurities has been a major theme in my progress. It affects my life hourly.

For an hour or two a day, I scanned the information superhighway about facilitating a learning enviornment. My intention was to study the experience dancers have. Although there are a plethora of books on technique and fundamentals of classical ballet, I need a teacher to show me how not to injure myself. This is when being poor in the country sets a huge brick wall before me.

I’ll continue to work hard to find a job, so I can be mobile. In the meantime, I’m switching my strategy and will start research on self-taught yoga. To be honest, I feel discouraged. The odds are against me. I’m not getting any younger, and I’m back at my parents because I couldn’t live in a ditch any more.

Stay strong and keep moving on. Besides contempory classical ballet, I dreamed consecutively for 2 years to play the violin, and I’ve always dreamed about being “The next American novelist”

I hope you let my advice help you, and you wake up.